Recovery is for the Birds

Recovery is for the Birds

I loved birds as a kid, but never really knew why.  I could sit for hours watching seagulls dip, dive, swerve and kerplunk in search of a meal.  I also had a favorite uncle who loved to take me to the park to feed the pigeons; they ate straight from our hands.  There was always something special about birds that nourished my soul and, for anyone who feels the same way, animal-assisted therapy using birds can have the same effect.

Recovery is for the BirdsBirds are so free, watch them soar in the sky.  They’ve captured our imaginations since the dawn of time as we dreamed of joining them in elegant flight.  They are also willing to come down and join us on earth, for personal interaction.  They may not provide the same companionship as your favorite dog, horse or feline, but there’s an incredible unspoken bond that develops when you interact with them.  It’s hard to put your finger on it, but it makes you feel so special that they’ve taken the time to stop by to make the connection.

When it comes to recovery, treatment centers are experimenting with many new and innovative techniques.  Why?  Because it’s all about what works, for each and every individual.  Our ability to relate to and admire birds is a natural catalyst that can be helpful in maintaining a lifetime of sobriety.


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