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Connections in Recovery’s Expanded Offices Will Provide The Same Dedication And Passion

Nathalie Baret·Tuesday, September 27, 2016
For Immediate Release
Connections in Recovery (CiR)—an international addiction and mental health treatment consulting and referral resource company, who provides professional services nationwide and across the globe—is about heart and soul.

“At the core of CiR lies genuine goodwill,” said CiR Co-Founder Patty Baret, a Certified Arise Interventionist, who has 31 years in continuous sobriety and has helped hundreds of chemically dependent individuals enter recovery. “Our goals have been, and still are, to advocate for families. We’re a company that has never accepted referral fees or have any contracts with facilities. We truly advocate for the families. Where this industry is at now, with so many new companies surfacing, it’s important to have somebody that advocates for ‘you’ and doesn’t have any financial hidden agendas.”

Feeling like families were having a hard time figuring out what to do and where to go when they were in crisis, Baret, along with her partner Lauren Arborio (CADAC II)—a substance abuse counselor with UCLA training that has worked in the addiction field for more than 10 years and received training from top addiction specialists in addiction recovery, psychiatry, and pain management—together launched Connections in Recovery in Malibu, Calif., in April 2011. “We wanted to create a brand that the community, and families, could trust.”

Committed to finding the right solution for each individual and family, no matter what the situation, CiR’s specialization in client advocacy and care has not only helped propel the company to launch Roommates in Sobriety, a sober living network (, but to also expand its CiR platform to the east coast, with new offices opening in Manhatten and Long Island this fall.

CiR New York is run by Arborio and Baret, and Dr. Allyson Cole, Psy.D., who is a New York-based Licensed Psychologist, the Co-Founder of Family Guiding, and originator of the C.R.E.A.T.E. Outcomes™ Model.

“The Manhatten and Long Island offices will be a safe place for those who are returning from treatment and where one can become involved with the sober community and learn new life skills, including job search, education, stress-management, problem solving skills, interpersonal skills and more,” said CiR Co-Founder Arborio.

“Both locations embrace and continue the CiR strategic mission of helping connect families and individuals struggling with addiction and mental health disorders with the best providers, professionals, recovery companions and treatment resources to support long-term positive outcomes.” CiR also provides professional referral services to physicians and clinicians worldwide.

CiR NY will also extend its services beyond the confines of an office by offering home visits to individuals that feel more comfortable in this type of setting.

A key to Connections in Recovery’s growth and success is its worldwide network of services that allow it to respond quickly to the client in crisis. “When we receive a call for help, there is usually only a small window of opportunity,” said Baret. “Our nationwide and global network of services allows us to respond quickly to the client in crisis by providing interventions, sober transport and/or sober companions. We’re able to assist the referring hospitals, families, clergy, doctors, therapists, or treatment centers when immediate action is needed.”

Baret became sober in 1985 after hitting a “hard bottom,” claiming sobriety at 21. Living a life in recovery and amazing mentors help ground her early on. “I worked for an established Hollywood director and was living in Beverly Hills.” Though her life appeared colorful, the reality was that something was missing and she didn’t feel like she had a purpose. “Any time I helped someone struggling from early on I just connected to that.” Arborio, born and bred in New York City, was familiar with the temptations, fast life, and lure of drugs of living in such an international urban city. A graduate of NYU, she was working as a stylist when she got sober at 24. “I knew I had been out of control and living life of the edge and it was time. I didn’t want my lifestyle to end, I just didn’t want to get high anymore.”

Baret said managing all facets of CiR, RiS, and now CiR NY isn’t just “work” for the two co-founders—it’s something they are really passionate about.

“We’ve created a company that really holds true to our vision, integrity and passion. At the end of the day, we’re two, strong women in double-digit recovery—we’ve been there, we care.”


Cover Photo Left to Right: Dr. Allyson Cole, Psy.D., CiR/CiR NY Co-Founder Lauren Arborio, CiR/CiR NY Co-Founder Patty Baret, and Senior Case Manager Roxan Malloy, B.S., RADT-I

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Side Note: CiR NY is staffed with an invaluable advisory board of expert addiction psychiatrists, including Dr. Jeffrey S. Ditzell, a Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and a general adult psychiatrist with a private practice in New York City. His depth and breadth of clinical experience is unique, having served as the chief of an inpatient dual diagnosis unit, as the lead attending in two psychiatric ER’s, and as the lead physician of an assisted community treatment team.

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