Goat Yoga

Yes, There Is Something Called Goat Yoga

You’ve heard of downward dog, but have you heard of goats climbing on you when you’re in the pose? Lainey Morse’s Albany Farm, which is...
Canine Therapy

The Joy and Benefits of Canine Therapy

Dogs have played a major role as “man’s best friend” throughout civilization.  The contribution of canines to our development cannot be overstated, especially since...
It Works if You Work it

It Works If You Work It…How Sobriety Changed My Work Life

Few things in life are more daunting than teaching an 8 am writing course to college freshmen. As I stand in front of a...
tough love


As a person who’s struggled with addiction, I’ve often thought about what went wrong, and what my friends and family might have done to...
Forgivness is the Best Medicine

Forgiveness is the Best Medicine

Resentment is an emotional cancer.  It forms deep inside and eats you alive with overwhelming anger and disgust.  It can arise from anything, like...
Lakeview Health

Rehab Professional of the Month: Alan Goodstat

Alan Goodstat’s career in addiction treatment spans over 25 years, when he received his master’s in social work from the prestigious Columbia University in...
Recovery Luminary of the Month

Recovery Luminary of the Month: Judy Crane

There isn’t much Judy Crane hasn’t seen. A child of the 60’s, she describes her early adult years as “sex, drugs, rock and roll,...
How Stress Can Lead to Relapse

How Stress Can Lead to Relapse

The entire process of addiction treatment is fraught with challenges.  Considering all of the hurdles, it sometimes seems incredible that anyone ever recovers at...
Is advertising driving women to drink?

Is Advertising Driving More Women to Drink?

Life often imitates art.  It seems that’s now more true than ever and alcohol producers are counting on it.  Scenes from movies and comedic...
Taking Responsibility for Addiction

Taking Responsibility for Addiction

I recently got into a conversation about the opioid epidemic with my sister who is a doctor and an OBGYN, and gave birth this...

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