Opioid Manufacturers Meet Their Match

Mike Moore is an unstoppable force.  As Attorney General of Mississippi, he spearheaded the charge against Big Tobacco back in 1994.  He almost single-handedly...

6 Ways to Better Sleep In Recovery

There’s nothing more helpful than waking up energized to power through another exciting day in recovery. 1.  Wash Up Where’s your face been today?  It...
Social Media Our National Obsession

Social Media…Our National Obsession

There’s a fine line between addiction and obsession.  Addiction is a disease that lasts a lifetime; obsession is an overwhelming desire that leads one...

Dear Dr. Josh: Do I Need Rehab?

Dr. Josh Lichtman, answers your medical (and occasionally spiritual) questions. First up: letting an alcoholic know if rehab is necessary... Dear Dr. Josh: There is no doubt...

Product Review: Soberlink Melds Mobile Technology with Sober Accountability

Random drug testing to monitor one’s alcohol intake may put the fear of God in the newly sober, but it’s not exactly a recipe...

The Trouble with Trauma

Trauma is statistically underreported, not talked about enough, and, as anyone working on this field will tell you, it’s everywhere. PTSD stands for Post Traumatic...

Addicted Babies…The Silent Consequence of Addiction

As an OBGYN, on most days I have the best job in the world, sharing good news with parents to-be, playing my humble role...
Equine Therapy

Equine Assisted Therapy

Six thousand years ago, wild horses roamed the plains of the world. They were like many prey animals—fast, living in large herds and generally...
Wolf Therapy

Dances With Wolf Therapy

The classic Kevin Costner movie Dances with Wolves has a central theme, which focuses on the strong bond Costner’s character develops with members of...
Recovery is for the Birds

Recovery is for the Birds

I loved birds as a kid, but never really knew why.  I could sit for hours watching seagulls dip, dive, swerve and kerplunk in...

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