Recovery is for the Birds

Recovery is for the Birds

I loved birds as a kid, but never really knew why.  I could sit for hours watching seagulls dip, dive, swerve and kerplunk in...

Product Review: Soberlink Melds Mobile Technology with Sober Accountability

Random drug testing to monitor one’s alcohol intake may put the fear of God in the newly sober, but it’s not exactly a recipe...

Book Review: The Trauma Heart

All of addiction first starts with a trigger.  For most people it is a trauma that shatters them to their core, according to world...

The Trouble with Trauma

Trauma is statistically underreported, not talked about enough, and, as anyone working on this field will tell you, it’s everywhere. PTSD stands for Post Traumatic...
Canine Therapy

The Joy and Benefits of Canine Therapy

Dogs have played a major role as “man’s best friend” throughout civilization.  The contribution of canines to our development cannot be overstated, especially since...
The Ingenuity of an Addiction

The Ingenuity of a Addiction

Addiction is a powerful motivation.  It never ceases to amaze me, how creative the addicted mind can be in search of a new high. ...
Is advertising driving women to drink?

Is Advertising Driving More Women to Drink?

Life often imitates art.  It seems that’s now more true than ever and alcohol producers are counting on it.  Scenes from movies and comedic...

Healthy Co-Addictions as a Treatment Tool

While all addictions may share the same root cause, they manifest differently from person-to-person.  Some are addicted to alcohol, others to gambling, some to...


We all sometimes feel as if we can use a little extra boost. We might be feeling a bit beaten down by life or...
Recovery Luminary of the Month

Recovery Luminary of the Month: Judy Crane

There isn’t much Judy Crane hasn’t seen. A child of the 60’s, she describes her early adult years as “sex, drugs, rock and roll,...

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