police and addicts are fighting against fentanyl

First Responders & Addicts Now Fear the Same Foe: Fentanyl

Take a deep breath. Touch the desk or table in front of you. These two simple actions could be the last for law enforcement...

KY, TN, OH Battle The Opioid Epidemic Together

Prescription drug abuse and opioid addiction have grown too large for one state to handle. Now, six chief justices across the Midwest and Appalachian...
tiger woods dui arrest can teach us about painkiller addiction

What Tiger Woods Can Teach Us About the Risks of Painkiller Addiction

Law enforcement officers in Jupiter, FL. allege to have found golf superstar Tiger Woods asleep at the wheel of his SUV during the early...
Cincinatti has become the heroin epidemic's ground zero

How Did Cincinnati Become Heroin’s “Ground Zero”?

Cincinnati, Ohio. The Queen’s City. And now, it’s becoming the country’s epicenter of heroin addiction. According to Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Cincinnati is “a center of...
Feds award cash grants to states to combat opioid crisis

Feds award grants to states to combat opioid crisis

Health and Human Services will administer grants for nearly half a Billion Dollars to all 50 states Secretary Price sends letter to governors: “Through a...
East Liverpool Police officer overdoses on Fentanyl accidentally

Police Officer Overdoses on Fentanyl by Merely Touching

Headlines plastered the web yesterday of a Police Officer who accidentally overdosed on Fentanyl by merely trying to brush off some residue on his...
State of Florida Declares State of Emergency on Opioid Epidemic

Florida Declares State of Emergency on Opioid Epidemic

On May 3, following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) declaring a national opioid epidemic, Governor Rick Scott signed Executive Order 17-146...

Are you an Addict? This Quiz May Help You Decide

Has anyone ever suggested you cut back on your drug or alcohol consumption? Has drinking or using affected your reputation? Have you made...

E Cigarettes will not help you stop smoking

Studies show that E-Cigs reduce user's likelihood to quit smoking Although Electronic Cigarettes (E-Cigs) are rising in use and popularity, little is being accomplished in...

Summer’s Here and That Can Spell Trouble

(The Triggers of Addiction) Summer's here and that means sunshine, vacations, barbeques and a whole cornucopia of triggers for the recovering addict.  You could be...

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