Recent Advances in Opioid Deterrence

The science of pain is intriguing.  It wasn’t all that long ago that a shot of whiskey was the pain reliever of choice.  Modern...
Cincinatti has become the heroin epidemic's ground zero

How Did Cincinnati Become Heroin’s “Ground Zero”?

Cincinnati, Ohio. The Queen’s City. And now, it’s becoming the country’s epicenter of heroin addiction. According to Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Cincinnati is “a center of...

FREE E-Book: 101 Tips for Staying Clean and Sober

In Recovery Press is proud to announce the release of L. Scott Hartman's new book "101 Tips for Staying Clean and Sober."   It features...
Overdose Deaths

OVERDOSE DEATHS: The Numbers Just Keep Getting Worse

I was recently reading an article in the New York Times, noting that anywhere from 59,000 to 65,000 people died from drug overdoses in...

Alcoholic Anonymous’ Favorite Cliches

I recently finished an assigned reading for one of my drug rehabilitation classes. The book is titled "101 Common Cliches of Alcoholics Anonymous; the...

A Day in the Life of a Smoker

Smoking ruins lives and separates us from dealing with reality. Let us get acquainted with one of the 15 million profiles of a typical...
State of Florida Declares State of Emergency on Opioid Epidemic

Florida Declares State of Emergency on Opioid Epidemic

On May 3, following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) declaring a national opioid epidemic, Governor Rick Scott signed Executive Order 17-146...

I Love to Drink, But I’m Not An Alcoholic by J.T. Claremont

"I just like to unwind after a long day at the office and have a few drinks." "I only drink on the weekends. So what...
police and addicts are fighting against fentanyl

First Responders & Addicts Now Fear the Same Foe: Fentanyl

Take a deep breath. Touch the desk or table in front of you. These two simple actions could be the last for law enforcement...
John Southworth

John Southworth …The Passing of a Real Life Hero

John Southworth 1938-2017 John Southworth was born January 1, 1938 in Oakley Idaho. John spent his early years in Oakley until the family moved to Caldwell...

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