gambling addicts running on empty

Running On Empty

I saved lives for a living. I was an ICU nurse and a nursing supervisor at a hospital where I had been employed for...
are you willing to stop abusing drugs and alcohol

Are You Willing?

“What are you willing to do to get what you say you want?” – Robin K. After we have been in recovery for a while –...
the best bad luck I ever had with drug and alcohol abuse

The Best Bad Luck I Ever Had

Sometimes what seems like bad luck can save you from ruining your life, or even start you on the path to recovery. That was...
drug and alcohol rehabilitation career constellations

Career Constellations

Early in my recovery journey, holding down a job was an epic achievement, equal to caring for a houseplant or keeping my house clean....
chaos and clutter-free life after drug addiction

Chaos and Clutter-Free

My sister and I recently planned a dinner celebration for our mom’s 70th birthday. We yearned to give her the perfect gift with a focus...
get your drug and alcohol recovery on

Get Your Recovery On!

Everyone has a story. For many of us, our story includes chapters of addiction. Fortunately, we can also experience chapters about our recovery and...
feel your best and beat drug and alcohol addiction

Feel Your Best

Did you know that heat affects our mood? With the increase in summer temperatures, we may experience trouble sleeping, dehydration and general hotheadedness. Studies...
validation after drug and alcohol rehabilitation


There I am on the side of my bed, hunched over my legs, as my fingers twist and pull. I stand up to get...
the brain is the key to drug and alcohol abuse treatment

The Brain Is Key: You Can Bet On It.

According to some experts, alcoholism, substance use disorders, process addictions and behavioral addictions like pathological gambling may affect the brain in the same way,...
the wishing well

The Wishing Well

My mother fulfilled a personal dream when she added a red version of a wishing well to our backyard. It was in her much-beloved...

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