Goat Yoga

Yes, There Is Something Called Goat Yoga

You’ve heard of downward dog, but have you heard of goats climbing on you when you’re in the pose? Lainey Morse’s Albany Farm, which is...
6 Key Step for Making Amends-02

6 Key Step for Making Amends

We all know that making amends with those we’ve harmed is critical for our recovery.  The toughest part though, is often just getting started. ...
Fish Enlisted into the War Against Addiction

Fish Enlisted into the War Against Addiction

Scientists at the University of Utah have uncovered a novel way to test potential treatments for opioids - Zebrafish.  As it turns out, this...
Breathalysing for Drugs

Breathalysing for Drugs

Recent work by Swedish scientists is bringing breathalysing for drugs, like we now do for alcohol, one step closer to reality.  They’ve developed a...

A Strong Leader in Yoga for Recovery

When Taryn Strong took her first yoga teacher training in 2007, the concept of incorporating yoga into recovery was still pretty underground. “I couldn’t...
get your drug and alcohol recovery on

Get Your Recovery On!

Everyone has a story. For many of us, our story includes chapters of addiction. Fortunately, we can also experience chapters about our recovery and...
Reco Office

RECO Intensive – Treatment Center of the Month

RECO Intensive is an addiction treatment facility with empathy at its core. It’s Founder, David Niknafs, and Director of Communications, Christopher Pasquale, understand the...
Norway Leading by Example

Norway Leading by Example

Treatment vs. Punishment - which is more effective for curbing addiction? It’s never typically a question of all or nothing, with most countries shading...

The Ingenuity of an Addiction

Addiction is a powerful motivation. It never ceases to amaze me, how creative the addicted mind can be in search of a new...
Talking Points

Talking Points With Your Teen About Marijuana

Many parents have no idea how to even broach this conversation. Some of them smoked pot themselves as teens and don’t want to be...

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