Body Talk: Healthy Snacking

Most of us are familiar with that familiar tug of hunger, usually around 3 PM and especially after dinner; that craving to have a...

BodyTalk: A Building Block to Happiness

Okay, the title sounds a little corny – but it’s really true! Most people realize that protein gives us energy and helps build muscles....
Listen to Your Body Talk

BodyTalk: Listen to Your Body Talk

Diets these days are all about the NOs. NO carbohydrates, NO sugar, NO caffeine, NO dairy, NO gluten, NO meat, NO fruit. There are...

BodyTalk: Tricked by Marketing?

As more is revealed about our health and our present food systems, the more I feel tricked by deceptive marketing. Many foods labeled “healthy”...
Gentle Cleanse

Spring Cleaning

Happy spring cleaning! Most people brace themselves between Halloween and Easter – I call it The Season of Sugar and Junk. It’s not just the...

Body Talk: Love Your Liver

You don’t have to love liver; you just have to love your liver. The liver is one of the organs in the body most...

Body Talk: The Treatment 20

When I left for college, people warned me about The Freshman 15 – those 15 pounds many freshmen gain when they have access to...

Body Talk: Food Labels

Food labels were supposedly created to help us with our food choices. But for many of us, the reality is that we really don’t...

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