Art Lovers Fight Back


ArtLoversFightBackThe Sacklers are a wealthy family whose name is prominently displayed on an entire wing as the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met) in New York.  They are also the principle shareholders and founders of Purdue Pharmaceutical, makers of oxycontin, and this squarely positioned in the eye of the opioid hurricane.  For that reason, protesters have come out in droves, loudly taking a stand against honoring the Sackler name which is now more commonly associated with opioid abuse and overdose death than anything else.

To be fair, the wing was created back in the 1970s, way prior to any inkling of the potential epidemic to come decades later.  However, current headwinds give rise to good reason for considering change.  Removing the Sackler name would send a powerful statement on the need for greater corporate responsibility – mindlessly destroying lives for the sake of profit will not be tolerated and comes with consequences.  However, for now, the Sackler name remains intact at the Met and other institutions to which they’ve donated over the years.  Activism takes time and requires persistence but eventually carries the day for a just cause.

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