The Value of Community Support

The Value of Community Support
The Value of Community Support

We all know meetings are important, but sometimes it’s tough to put our finger on exactly why.  I find that it’s helpful to sit back and consider those reasons in order to stay motivated on those days when I don’t particularly feel like showing up.

1. It provides positive examples – I see what others are going through and are able to overcome.  It provides me with role models for staying the course and overcoming obstacles.

2. It reminds me that I have a life beyond my struggles – I tend to focus on the negatives and minimize the positives in my life.  It’s a challenging thought process from which to break free.  The community helps me find my objectivity.

3. It’s a source of stability – Going to meetings helps me keep on a schedule and hones the responsibility of being on time.  I also see familiar faces as we all hold each other accountable for clear thinking in our sobriety.

4. It gives me a chance to give voice to my feelings – I live most of my life in my own head.  We all do.  Sometimes it’s difficult to realize just how irrational some of those thoughts are, until I share them out loud with others.

5. It helps me see my blind spots – Sometimes I just don’t know what I don’t know.  Yet, when I speak, it becomes obvious to others around me who share their insights for my personal benefit.

6. It reminds me that I am worthy of the caring of others – I am in a group of like-minded individuals who want to share the gift of sobriety.  We are all there to be positive and support each other.  It reminds me that others truly do care.

8. It reminds me to jealously guard my recovery – At times I start to feel all too comfortable and conveniently ignore potential dangers and pitfalls.  Meetings help me remember to be cautiously mindful of old “people, places and things.”

9. It provides me with hope – There is always someone in there who has  had a struggle worse than mine and who has been sober longer than I have.  I look up to them.  Their example serves as an inspiration, keeping me positive when things get tough.

10. It makes me realize I am part of a larger purpose – When I both give and receive through meetings, it becomes clear that we are all part of something so much bigger than just our own struggles.  Understanding that notion gives my life greater purpose and meaning.

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