Starting Your Fitness New Year Right

Starting Your Fitness New Year Right-02
Starting Your Fitness New Year Right-02

The holidays are over, the new year’s begun and hopefully you are all on track towards meeting those new goals you just set. Whether it was to eat healthier or be more active, now is the time that motivation starts to wane. So, let’s kick things into gear and look for ways to keep the exercise routine fresh.

Starting Your Fitness New Year Right

This is an excellent time to explore name brand gyms, boutique workout centers, group fitness classes and personal trainers, because they are all offering various deals either in packages or through There are tons of options available, so do yourself a favor and take advantage of them to see what works best for you. Where do you feel most comfortable? When you find a place you like then you are more likely to keep up the routine. That’s half the battle. However, the most important part is GETTING STARTED – so let’s get going!

If you are struggling to find a routine or just starting, think about your goals and objectives and share them with the people you are working out with or the place you are working out at. They’ll be more than happy to give you helpful advice to get on track. They can set you up with exercises you can work through at your own pace, either by yourself, in tandem with a trainer or in groups. When you do things in a positive and supportive environment and with other like-minded individuals, it inspires you to keep going and do even more. By engaging with a social fitness network in your community, you are planning to succeed. Then, once you’ve established your routine and see the amazing results, you can help encourage others. Hmmm….sounds a lot like something else I know. Oh yeah, recovery. Working out not only helps sustain your recovery, but it also has a lot in common with it. Moreover, it’s great for your health and develops a virtuous emotional cycle that you perpetuate by maintaining a regular schedule.

If you are currently very dedicated to training, perhaps you should try a personal trainer. There’s always new things to learn to help you improve your body and health, and keep your mind active. I like to switch things up every so often for just that reason. For example, when I started boxing again, I wanted to learn more so I hired a coach. The funny things is that I had I forgotten more about boxing than I remembered. He helped push me for better performance and even got me out of my comfort zone for a while and the results were spectacular. If you don’t think you can afford a trainer, talk to her or him about package deals or group rates. Most are flexible and open to negotiations depending on both your and their circumstances. A trainer also helps keep you accountable. If you have an appointment and have to pay regardless, you are much more likely not to miss the gym that day. Other great options nowadays include online fitness programs, videos and apps you can follow.

Most of this may seem like common sense, but with you highly focused on your sobriety, you might feel too overwhelmed to consider all your options. However, we need to focus on mind, body and spirit in recovery every day. We require a balance. Things that are unbalanced fall and we can’t afford to let that happen again. Fitness is a hugely important prong for your recovery. So get out there and join a gym, take some classes, sign-up for a running club, and follow through on those new year’s resolutions. Then, include variety to keep things interesting. That’s all it takes to stay on the road to recovery for a happier and healthier you.


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