Beware of Patient Brokers

Beware of Patient Brokers

You’ve made the decision to get treatment but are still unsure what’s best for you.  You’ve begun searching online and checked the website, when all of a sudden you hear an advertisement on the radio.  Someone is touting his services to find the perfect addiction treatment center to suit your needs.  You’re later surfing the web and see the same ad, and maybe later again while watching TV.  The offer can seem pretty tempting.  If you’re like me, you’ve made some pretty awful decisions in the past and would love to have someone relieve you of that burden.  “Please choose for me.”  The problem is that these experts are frequently just selling you out to the highest bidder.

Beware of Patient Brokers

It’s called Patient Brokering, and it’s illegal.  Not for you, the patient in need of treatment, but for them, the people preying off your desperation.  Their offer to send you to the ideal location is actually only ‘ideal’ for them, and the unscrupulous addiction treatment center paying the broker a commission to direct you there.  Authorities are cracking down on this practice, with one such example the recent arrest of a former Palm Beach County deputy officer and one-time Florida State House of Representative candidate, charged with 15 counts.  Addicts face enough burdens with their disease, as it is.  The last thing they need is additional obstacles in their way.

So, as you sit down to make a choice of where to go, and make no mistake, it’s a very important choice, please ask friends and family for advice.  Do the research, put in the effort, ask questions and learn how to again begin trusting your own instincts.  It’s a life skill you’ll need to develop and it will help keep you safe from dishonest strangers who don’t have your best interests at heart.



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