The Critical Importance of Selecting the Right Billing Company for You



If you’re like most treatment center administrators, billing is that tedious detail you joyously outsourced just to get rid of the headache. You most likely did some research ‘way back when’ and never gave the process another thought. You focus on the priority of taking care of your patients, and as long as your cash flow suits your needs, you figure the billing company is doing what it needs to. What it needs to – but is that really enough?

At ReliaBill, we offer a wide array of industry leading services to help you achieve better cash flow, improve billing cycle time, obtain a higher percentage reimbursement rate from insurance companies and even effectively target aged receivables to mine them for a higher return on payment for your services. We also provide one of the easiest interfaces and user-friendly back-ends, to ensure rapid integration into your office environment. Finally, our seasoned professionals’ wealth of experience is an invaluable asset, helping you discover benefits you were not even aware of, in order to increase productivity and help your business grow.

The most important part, is that our exceptional service is personalized to meet YOUR needs and requirements. You, the client, are priority #1. So kindly contact us today for a free audit, and discover what it’s like to have an industry leader as your partner, providing service that goes well above and beyond your current expectations.

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