The Author’s Café

Awhile back, when the Powerball lottery drawing was for an ungodly amount of money and went a couple of rounds without a winner, I...
Moving Canvas

The Moving Canvas

Imagine you’re in treatment, sitting in the same room every day for months. You know the exact number of tiles on the ceiling and...

My Game Stalled

It was over 100 degrees and sticky as I stepped on the first tee in St. Simons, Georgia. At the age of 13, I...
Up in Flames

Up in Flames

I used to think there would be no getting out of the vortex of my addiction. I waited for my life to stop or...

Book Review: Love Sick: One Woman’s Journey Through Sexual Addiction

On the first page of this bare-all memoir, we pull with the author into the parking lot of the sleazy Rainbow Motel in Atlanta,...

Into the Wave

My clean and sober birth date is December 18, 2006. To me, this date says “the turning point” loud and clear; it was a...

Weird Girl Walking

In 2013, I wrote an article for InRecovery Magazine. I wrote it while I was sitting on my bunk at Perryville Correctional Facility as...

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