the brain is the key to drug and alcohol abuse treatment

The Brain Is Key: You Can Bet On It.

According to some experts, alcoholism, substance use disorders, process addictions and behavioral addictions like pathological gambling may affect the brain in the same way,...
the wishing well

The Wishing Well

My mother fulfilled a personal dream when she added a red version of a wishing well to our backyard. It was in her much-beloved...
saying good bye to a friend that overdosed on drugs

Goodbye, My Friend

I read every obituary I could find about the passing of my friend, Tom Hayden. Heaps of praise were lavished upon this true hero...
drug abuse recovery cross talk


CrossTalk Is based on the premise that recovery life is polytely: frequently complex problem-solving situations characterized by the presence of not one, but several endings. This column...
story of a newcomer to a narcotics anonymous meeting

The Newcomer

So, I’m standing outside a Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meeting I’ve never been to before, smoking a cigarette and checking the time on my phone....
an exercise inrecovery

An Exercise in Recovery

Triggers are one of the leading causes of relapse. People, places and events from our past linger deep within our brains in our memories....

Everyday Miracle

My name is Dan and I am 45 years old. I have futilely fumbled my way through my addictions for over 30 years; I...

Orange Is Not the New Black

I have struggled with a gambling addiction for over 20 years. My first Twelve Step meeting was in the fall of 1996. I loved...

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