My Insane Life

My Insane Life – Diary of Addiction

In 2009, I was living in London with my wife and I was in and out of the house, using drugs, partying and trying...
Starting Your Fitness New Year Right-02

Starting Your Fitness New Year Right

The holidays are over, the new year’s begun and hopefully you are all on track towards meeting those new goals you just set. Whether...
Frontiers of Well Being

From Recovery to the Frontiers of Well Being

Those of us who have descended into the hell of substance abuse know too well the pain and darkness of an addicted lifestyle. We...
The Latest News of Interventions

The Latest News of Interventions

If you have a loved one who is struggling with addiction, you are probably familiar with the reality TV show Intervention. If not, then...
Symptom Substitution

Symptom Substitution

Jane was in a facility getting treatment for her bulimia and self-injurious behaviors. She reached out to me about her struggles, informing me that...
Seven Steps To Confronting The Addict In Your Life-fea

Seven Steps To Confronting The Addict In Your Life

If you’re lucky enough to never have experienced addiction yourself, chances are, you know someone who has. Chances are, you’ve also seen the struggle...
Support Network

Finding A Sober Support Network

So, after this holiday season I was reminded of how important it is to have a great support network. Miraculously resisting all the holiday...
Getting Saved


I once stayed at a women’s residence in lower Manhattan run by the evangelical Salvation Army. It wasn’t as much fun as Damon Runyon’s version...
Adventure Therapy

Adventure Therapy

Have you ever considered Adventure Therapy as part of your ongoing recovery? If not, then perhaps you should. Many people describe a wide variety...


Life is like lightning: quick, unpredictable, radiant, beautiful and sometimes terrifying. Sometimes we see the clouds coming from miles away, but other times we don’t...

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