The Latest News of Interventions

The Latest News of Interventions

If you have a loved one who is struggling with addiction, you are probably familiar with the reality TV show Intervention. If not, then...
Big Tobacco Finally Paying the Piper

Big Tobacco Finally Paying the Piper

Eleven long years after a court order, Big Tobacco is finally coming through on its obligation to advertise about the dangers of smoking. Of...
Hollywood - Part of the Problem

Hollywood – Part of the Problem?

Hollywood has had a love affair with smoking ever since the early days of movies. It has been glamorized and glorified as huge stars...
Inside Alcohol and Exercise


I have never been an alcoholic or an addict in the typical sense. I do, however, work in an addiction treatment wellness center, where I...
Starting Your Fitness New Year Right-02

Starting Your Fitness New Year Right

The holidays are over, the new year’s begun and hopefully you are all on track towards meeting those new goals you just set. Whether...
Spirituality In Addiction Recovery-02

Spirituality In Addiction Recovery: The Missing Link

Since the very beginning of recovery services for alcoholism and drug addictions, the term “spirituality” has been associated with 12 Step AA, NA, CA,...
Sports and Recovery

Sports and Recovery

Addiction is a lifelong battle. For many of us, that will always be the case. Fortunately, there are avenues for all of us to...

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