naloxone as a lifesaver for opioid addiction

Naloxone: A Lifesaver for Heroin Addicts but Sadly No Cure

Naloxone has been seen to perform miracles, saving the lives of addicts overdosing, lying on death's doorstep.  An unconscious 30 something year old woman with...
keys to recovery

Top of Mind

The Ohio Emergency Management Agency recently had to implement the extraordinary measure of using cold storage trailers for overflow because several county morgues were...
Affirmations that work for drug addicts and abusers

Affirmations That Really Work

The Power of Affirmations One of the many-faceted tools utilized in addiction treatment is the basic affirmation, yet all too often it is taken for...
overcoming the grip of resentment in drug and alcohol abuse recovery

Overcoming The Grip of Resentment

Resentment is an emotional cancer. It forms deep inside and eats you alive. Resentment typically stems from frustration over being slighted and consumes you...
be humble when approaching drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation

Lose The Swag

I’m in federal prison camp on a 77-month sentence for a nonviolent drug crime. I was fortunate enough to be out on bail for...
stress and drug addiction

Stress and Drug Addiction

I am in the healthcare field. Throughout the past 25 years, I have witnessed a distressing trend in how individuals in medical and patient-centered...
the elusive art of communication for drug and alcohol addicts

The Elusive Art of Communication

Communication is essential to treatment. It’s the lack of honest communication that is frequently one of the biggest stumbling blocks in reaching and maintaining...
a new treatment for depression

A New Treatment for Depression

It is not uncommon for people in recovery to experience depression and/or other mental health problems. While addiction and depression are closely linked, one does...
the numbers for the painkiller addiction epidemic keep getting worse

The Numbers Keep Getting Worse recently reported that there were 52,404 deaths from drug overdoses in 2015. A separate report in the Washington Post noted that an estimated...
the new science behind drug and alcohol addiction

The Science of Addiction

Wouldn’t it be great if we discovered a magic potion to put an end to the pain and suffering of addiction once and for...

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