Kay’s Kitchen: Young at Heart

I am writing this column on the cusp of my 69th birthday and in my 16th year of sobriety. As I didn't really prepare...

Kay’s Kitchen: The Real Reality

Last fall I returned as a very tender soul from a five-day workshop at The Meadows in Wickenburg, AZ. Our therapy groups dug deeply...

Kay’s Kitchen: Christopher Blake, Veteran Extraordinaire

Upon first meeting Christopher Stanislas Blake, no one ever guessed that he was a 93-year-old US WWII veteran, a writer, a cook and a...

Kay’s Kitchen: Dogs, Service, Sobriety and Love

Sadie was chronically ill and perpetually drunk. The stray twenty-something-year-old woman was troubled and heading nowhere fast. She had suddenly quit her job in...

The Gift of Receiving

This past April, Linne, a friend in recovery, drove me the 100 miles south to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona, where I checked...

Going To Great Lengths

Getting out of denial and into recovery was a blessing. I had written an autobiographical inventory, which I read aloud to my sponsor. It...

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