Truth or Dare

I sat there quietly in an empty room across from the dealer and rubbed my hands gently on the green felt before him. Hit me! Ace on...

A Small Knock on the Door

From deep in the quiet, Love knocked on the door of the heart I’d been wanting to set free to soar. Apprehension aside, I chose Love...

Recovering Artist: Hank Edwards

Hank Edwards is a self-taught artist from Austin, Texas. Although well-versed in all paint media, his primary focus is acrylic on canvas. Hank has...

Recovering Artist: James Donald Welch

While studying for my English literature PhD, I specialized in the 19th century, a period in which the art of watercolor achieved maturity –...

Awake and Living

I loved drinking even before I picked up my first drink; I was infatuated with the idea. While other kids were playing cowboys with...

Artist Bio

Hello My Name Is . . . What an amazing first year it has been for The “Hello My Name Is . . .” Project....

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