6 Ways to Better Sleep In Recovery


SleepThere’s nothing more helpful than waking up energized to power through another exciting day in recovery.

1.  Wash Up Where’s your face been today?  It may look clean, but it’s not.  Don’t roll around in those germs all night, smooshing them into your pillow.  Wash up for a clean night’s sleep.

2.  Floss and Brush Simple flossing adds an average of 2-3 years onto someone’s life span.  Besides eliminating plaque and keeping cavities at bay, brushing your teeth gives you a cool, refreshing feeling as you lay down to rest.

3.  Treat Your Face Use an astringent, and massage night creams into your face to help you relax.  You will also minimize wrinkles and dry skin in the process.

4.  Lubricate Your eyes dry out during the night, making them irritated.  Apply liquid tears to eliminate itchiness and redness.

5.  Power Down Turn off your cell phone, put the iPad away and turn off the TV.  Eliminate everything that can buzz, ping or beep you back into consciousness.

6.  Pamper Yourself Try a nice lavender pillow spray, the soft sounds of nature or upgrade your sheets.  Do whatever it takes to create a soothing environment for a restful trip in the land of nod.


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